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Ways to lower the running cost of an air conditioner

With the arrival of summer in complete swing in Australia, homeowners are gearing to set up the air conditioners to work smoothly during the days of maximum heat. Moreover, the consistent use of an air conditioner causes an increase in our energy bills as well. 

Furthermore, with the gradual increase in the electricity costs with no relief provided by the Australian government, running your air conditioner during the summer months can be pricey. 

With regular control on temperatures and operating the air conditioner consistently, installing an air conditioner becomes a burden more than comfort.  

To help you cut down on the costs attached to air conditioning usage, we’ve listed some simple guidelines you can follow to help reduce energy bills. This way, you can reduce your energy bills while still maintaining a pleasant atmosphere both at home and in the office.

  • Install ceiling fans for use

    If you set your room temperature to a more efficient range between 24 degrees to 26 degrees, a ceiling fan can provide you with good comfort and cool. Make sure the fan placement is done the right way to ensure maximum optimization. Test speed and regulator check at the time of installation from your electrical expert. 

    Fans consume less energy as compared to air conditioner units and work well on days when the outside temperatures have slightly dropped and you do not need an AC for cooling.

  • Turn off all heat-generating appliances that are not in use.

    Be it all the kitchen appliances, electrical devices like computers, television, and even lights that are not in use should be put off before you power up your air conditioner. With multiple electrical pieces of equipment being connected, it will make your AC unit harder to operate smoothly. Perhaps, it will lower your costs of running the AC unit as all the unnecessary energy is powered off.

Use curtains or shades

A good window covering using curtains or dark shades can keep your indoor environment cool and protect is from over-heating. This way the use of your air conditioner can be kept to a certain minimum time and as and when you need the temperatures to drop, you can power it up. The coverings can make a significant difference to lower the load on your air conditioning unit. 

Window blinds are more effective at reducing summer heat gain than winter heat loss. A dark drape has the ability to reduce heat loss and gain depends on several factors, including fabric type and colour. High-reflectivity window films are extremely cost-effective and will help block summer heat gain.

Always seek professional advice

It is essential to call an expert to ensure that your AC unit is functioning properly. Your air-con expert can give you the necessary advice on what temperatures could work best for your indoor home and office environment without you having to bear additional costs on electric bills. 

Moreover, there are a plethora of things about the AC unit that an average homeowner is not aware of and it is best to have an expert guide through the various features that can help one lower the running costs. 

This is an opportunity for your technician to carry out all necessary repairs to lower your running costs in the long term. Air conditioner repair Brisbane & professional aircon service experts undertake the tasks to help and extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

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